Publication: Education

Selected Publications and Unpublished Works of Q. K. Ahmad on Education

These were pioneering studies at that time not only in Bangladesh but in relation to countries facing similar socio-economic realities around the world.

  • “Bangladesh: Universal Access to Education by 2030? (2021?)”, presented at the first conference on the theme Vision 2030: A Framework for Economic Policy Making and Strategy Formulation in a Pluralistic Democracy, organized by Bangladesh Economists Forum (BEF), Dhaka, 21-22 June 2014.
    Financing Primary and Secondary Education in Bangladesh (editor and main co-author), Education Watch 2006, Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE), Dhaka, 2007.
  • Quality Education and Campus Violence: Case Studies on Dhaka and Rajshahi Universities (editor and contributor), The University Press Limited (under the auspices of the Foundation for Research on Educational Planning and Development—FREPD), Dhaka, 2000.
  • UN Decade for Women: Situation Study of Women in Bangladesh (Jt. editor), Ministry of Social Welfare and Women’s Affairs, UNICEF and BPMI, Dhaka, June 1985.
  • The Study of the Situation of Children in Bangladesh (editor and contributor), Foundation for Research and Educational Planning and Development, Dhaka, July 1981.
  • “Educational Planning in Bangladesh A Suggested Reorientation”, presented in a seminar on Education and Planning organized by the Federation of Bangladesh University Teachers Association, Dhaka, 25 27 February 1981.
  • “Utilizing Resources and Efficiency in Education in Bangladesh”, presented at a Workshop on Educational Planning and Development with reference to the Second Five Year Plan (1980 85) organized by the Institute of Education and Research, Dhaka University, Dhaka, 17 19 December 1980.