Bangladesh can be LDC graduate ahead of schedule: Qazi Kholiquzzaman

Bangladesh can be an LDC graduate ahead of schedule because of the country’s current economic growth, said Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, chairman of Dhaka School of Economics.

“Covid-19 has added some new dimensions to international trade,” said Dr. Kholiquzzaman Ahmad at a conference organized on Saturday (15 January) by the entrepreneurial economist’s club of Dhaka School of Economics (DScE).

The third international conference on “Entrepreneurship Development and International Economics under Covid-19 in Bangladesh: Aftermath of LDC graduation ” was organized by DScE. A total of 32 papers were presented from Bangladesh and abroad at the conference.

Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, chairman of Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation, chief guest of the conference, commented that trade in Bangladesh is more imports dominated compared to exports. He argued that the strategies should focus on needs assessment, capacity building, resource allocation, and prudent monetary and fiscal policies.

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