Kholiquzzaman’s strong stance against climate debt in Paris

Date: 02 Dec, 2015.  Publisher: Financial Express (Bangladeshi Daily English News Paper)

PARIS: Calling upon the global leaders to reach a legally binding agreement to cut carbon emission, Bangladesh has warned that it will not accept climate change as a commodity for climate financing. “Our position is very clear regarding climate financing. Bangladesh will not accept climate change as a commodity to gain climate financing,” said Dr Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, coordinator of Bangladesh Climate Change Negotiation Team, on a sideline meeting of the Conference of Parties 21 (COP21) in Paris on Wednesday. World Trade Organization (WTO) has turned education and healthcare into consumer products, he said. Developed countries are forcing climate vulnerable countries to take loans to cope with the climate change impacts, but Bangladesh will not accept the decision of taking such loans to pile up their climate debt.
“Bangladesh does not want loan….it wants grants,” he added. Kholiquzzaman said Bangladesh along with other climate vulnerable countries are trying to put pressure on global leaders to reach a legally binding agreement, but at this moment it could not be said with certainty whether they will be able to sign a legally binding agreement or not.
Climate negotiation is far away from the tract, he said, it could be known next week whether this negotiation is on track or not, according to a news agency–Aminul.


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